Want to Stay Subscribed to Analyfe? Please Read!

If you see this page, you’re in the right place!

Just under two years ago, I decided it might be fun to try blogging. Try…

It turns out, I actually enjoy writing and connecting with people. It amazes me how a simple idea and a few baby steps beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone propelled me into an entirely different world. A world built on the exploration of ideas, brilliant sparks of inspiration, aimless wanderings, overwhelming excitement, and that impossibly complex task of figuring this life out. When I stand back to consider the ground tread between Point A and Point B, I have to admit: I’m impressed.

I began blogging as a personal challenge, something to push me and amuse me. After several months I began gaining readership–and not not just followers, but incredible people and thought-provoking discussions. Am I providing something worthwhile here? I’m not sure, but perhaps my sincere attempts are shining through.

I feel as if I’m at a cusp–standing in the middle a tightrope, where moving forward and turning around are equally terrifying. I’ve spent the past few months pacing back and forth between self-hosting this blog and walking away from it. After sorting out the technical back-end, I finally have my self-hosted blog up and, as far as I can tell, functional. Hooray!

If I had to consolidate my blog into a single statement, I would say:

My life is a blank canvas. I see ideas and people and nature and am in awe of the beauty and the potential; through my peripheral, I can see how these different colors could fit into my unique picture. But everything is so amazing that I can’t seem to commit to anything.

That’s a difficult place to be caught, and it’s even more difficult to openly share that experience. However, with wavering uncertainty comes endless possibilities. As much as I feel inclined to cower away or just do something easy–to do what everyone else is doing–I don’t think I can. The next step in my “Just Do Something” plan was to bite the bullet and set up self-hosting, so here I am.

Starting November 1, I’ll be exclusively posting at my very own blog, Analyfe.com (Until then, I will continue to post only here, so people don’t get double notifications.) There’s a link on the new blog’s sidebar where the old subscription link used to be; if you’d like to stay subscribed–and I truly hope that you do want to stay subscribed–please head over and subscribe to analyfe emails or update your rss feed to http://analyfe.com/feed. As always, I can also be found on Twitter and on Facebook.

If you’d like to continue receiving posts from the new analyfe in your WordPress news feed, here’s what to do:

Hover over that “W” in the top left corner, scroll down to “Reader” and click.

Within your “Reader,” click on “Edit List”

Beneath Edit Following, type http://analyfe.com, click “Follow”

You have successfully subscribed to analyfe.com!

 Head over to http://www.analyfe.com/ and let me know what you think and what I could do to improve the site!

I hope to see you soon!



8 thoughts on “Want to Stay Subscribed to Analyfe? Please Read!

  1. I’m a new blogger too and trying to come out of my comfort zone too. Just felt this is something I needed to do. Call it a “calling” or just something my children can read when they are older about their mom. I will continue to follow your journey 🙂

  2. I just had the pleasure of coming across your blog. I recently started blogging myself, and in my attempt to better understand how it’s done, I’ve been exploring other blogs. I want to tell you that I absolutely love your insight. The fact that you are thinking this way at 23 years old blows me away! You are so far ahead of most of us in the awareness and perception department. It took me 38 years and I am just beginning to understand and appreciate life and all it’s glorious (or not) lessons. Sadly, many people will never open their minds and think about these things. I think the more aware we are, the better we see and hear, the more we understand, the more we love, and the more we grow; and that’s really the whole point.
    Great work!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Ericka. 🙂 I’ve garnered much of my insight from others, or used others’ experiences and wisdom as building blocks for my own growth. I think the key is to be open to awareness, to plow forward through thick in thin in hopes of bettering yourself and sharing what you learn with others.

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